Discovering archery helped her find her place in life - Meet Sheuna Battle


Archery in 2019? You bet! Archery is one of the oldest sports that is still being practiced today. Sheuna Battle is one of many modern competitive archers in the world, and it is something she is extremely passionate about it. This Nashville, North Carolina native is “all over the place” as she called it. From starting her own company giving archery lessons to teaching recreational gymnastics, this lady has a wide range of experiences. Yet, archery lies at the heart of it all.


Sheuna’s hunting venture began in 2011. She would travel up to two hours one way to catch some hunting action in the woods. Over time, the two hour drive started to collide with her busy schedule. Still interested in archery though, she picked up her bow and began to compete. Three years later, Battle entered her first archery tournament. She participates in USA Archery, both indoor and outdoor, and in ASA 3D. There are various types of archery currently in practice today. Sheuna provided us a brief overview of the three. Targets for indoor archery are shot at 18 meters, while targets for outdoor archery are shot at 50 meters. However, 3D archery takes place in the woods. where archers aim at three-dimensional foam targets that look like a variety of animals.

Aside from hunting deer and turkey and competing in archery competitions, Battle successfully operates her own archery company. She teaches archery lessons right out of her backyard. The name of her business is Battle Archery, LLC. Her passion for the bow and arrow is shown through the work of her students. A number of them have competed in tournaments, often making it to the podium. Her involvement doesn’t stop there though. She leads a 4-H group in the skill as well. It would safe to say Sheuna eats, sleeps, and breathes archery.


Have you ever gone through a period in life just trying to figure out where you “fit” in? Battle says she was dealing with just that, but discovering archery helped her find her place in life. Through the hard days, the training, the extra work and lessons, she still keeps going. “I am always learning”, she said. “I learn something new every day.” Even at her level of expertise, she knows she still needs to go the extra mile to keep her archery skills sharp.

Lastly, Battle offers some advice for anyone who may be seeking to try their hand at archery for the first time. Before you get out there, Battle suggests you do some research. Not everyone will need or want to start learning to shoot with a compound bow. Gather information on varying bows, as well as different types of archery. Youtube, she adds, can even be a useful tool in helping you learn more about the sport. And please, on your search to finding a good archery instructor, consider booking with Battle Archery LLC.