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"I want to be a valued part of our history." - Andre Moore

“When I turn on the TV, there aren’t many people who look like me. For those of us that are on TV, it’s typically on a sports channel. I want to be a part of the conversation and a collective movement to show our young people that access to the outdoors is natural and a valued part of our history.” – Andre Moore


Today I'd like to introduce one of our own team members, Andre Moore. Andre is an avid writer and outdoorsman who has been kicking down barriers on the social media and outdoor scene since 2014. He is best known for his fun family adventures and his unabashed love of the outdoors. He has a true love for history and his personal interests lie in genealogy, fishing/hunting, recipe development, slave narratives/poetry, and African American history

This love for writing brought him into the field of grant writing and small business management, where he has secured over one million dollars in funding for non-profit organizations, which has created incredible opportunities for others in the process. Andre candidly states, “Only within the last few years have I fully realized that my writing skills are a true blessing from God. It just came so easily for me, and now I actively try to share that gift and its many rewards with others who need it most.”

Andre is married with three young daughters, and works tirelessly to clear as many hurdles as possible to give them a stable and financially sound future. By exposing his kids to hunting, traveling and culinary adventures, he hopes to give them the perspective, dedication and strength to accomplish all of their goals in life.


His daughters are already talented outdoors women who enjoy paid sponsorships by multiple companies, including Columbia Sportswear and the National Park Foundation.

Although Georgia is now his home, Andre was born and raised in New Jersey. Whenever possible, his family would fish at the Jersey Shore, and eat the wide variety of fish and crustaceans they had caught from the docks or boat. His dad hunted occasionally and was an incredible shot, but his passion lied in fishing. It was a special time with his family that he will always cherish.


He is most proud of the fact that his young daughters have a genuine love for the outdoors. With so many kids hopelessly tethered to electronic devices, it’s refreshing to see his children actively manage their worm farm, catch fish from rivers and ponds like a seasoned professional, and pursue other outdoor pursuits with passion and confidence.

From a food perspective, he has been working on creating flavorful, easy and delicious meals that are also budget friendly. Over time, Andre would like to create an online library that is full of historical context and mouthwatering recipes that include a mix of store bought food, foraged plants and wild game so the recipes at accessible to anyone.


Andre spent 10 years in higher education teaching, and also serving as the Director of Campus Recreation. During his tenure, he added a highly successful outdoor recreation component which included camping trips, survival school and a myriad of other outdoor related activities. During that time, with the help of alumni and a few influential stakeholders, he was able to navigate the university politics to create a school-sponsored shooting team. At the time, it was the first non-NCAA shooting club created at a New Jersey university in over 30 years. It also had the support of the NRA. “It took perfect timing, a lot of compromise, and the right people in your corner to pull something like that off in a university setting,” Andre added.

Can you give us some details about your blog?

Birthed into Fatherhood was created in response to the lack of information and support available for Dads. I wanted to be the best husband and father possible, but still needed to make some adjustments to find the perfect work/life balance. I created a website and used it as a diary to document my success and failures as a first time Dad trying to figure it all out. Two kids later, I am still trying to figure it all out!

 Looking back, it’s been simply amazing to see how much we’ve been able to accomplish in the last few years as a family. From buying our dream home to fun-filled summer RV excursions and hunting trips, we’ve made so many great memories and have seen our followers go a whopping 11 page views my first year to over 5,000 readers monthly.

 A father’s perspective, influence and unwavering commitment to their family is vital. It’s even more important when you have two daughters. My wife and I have a sacred responsibility to create a positive environment where our daughters feel loved, unconditionally.

We’re always bombarded by how great it is to pursue your passion, etc – but we’ve spoken with enough people to know that it’s not always easy. Overall, would you say things have been easy for you?

The short answer is No.

The most powerful experience and biggest struggle for me was when my youngest daughter battled a serious health complication when she was just four months old. If it wasn’t for a lot of prayers, some divine intervention, and the incredible doctors and therapists from Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, I don’t think she would be with us today.

That illness had a profound effect on my life, and it made me realize that I was working so hard to create wealth and material possessions that my family life was suffering. I felt guilty for not spending enough time with a daughter that I now may never get to know.

Her illness brought a fresh perspective to my life and I left a successful career in higher education to take my skills to the local government sector where I now have an ideal work/life balance. I’ve never regretted that decision and am truly able to cherish every moment I have with my family.  I firmly believe that the family that prays and plays together, stays together!

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